Cinnamon and Bandit Need a New Home


Cinnamon and Bandit are Young at Heart alum that are in need of a new home. Their mom, who loved them so very much, passed away very unexpectedly at home after a short illness. Cinnamon and Bandit loved her very much, and were found snuggled up next her, waiting for their mom to wake up. Sadly, it never happened. Thankfully, Cinnamon and Bandit's microchips were registered to Young at Heart, and we were able to pick them up and get them back into our care and safety. They have both been seen by our vet, and are both healthy and doing well. Now we are looking for a loving home for this pair of sweeties. 

Cinnamon and Bandit are about 9 years old, and they are very bonded to each other as they have been together their whole lives. We will absolutely NOT separate them. They are healthy and friendly, and adore people. They get along with other animals, and are good with their litter boxes. These two are just so sweet, and have been through so much in their lives, that we want nothing more than to find them another home that will love and spoil them as much as their mom did. 

For more information on adopting this pair or to submit an adoption application, please visit this page.

They are located in the Chicago suburbs. We do allow out of state adoptions, but you must come here to meet the kitties. Can't adopt? Please share. Thanks!

Cinnamon and Bandit

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