Clarice, Adopted and #Loved


Clarice (aka Claire), age 8, joined our rescue as part of our Hurricane Harvey crew and once here we discovered she was one sick little kitty. She hadn't eaten for weeks at the shelter, and by the time she got to us she was in the beginning stages of liver failure because of her anorexia. Our vet immediately placed a feeding tube so we could provide Claire much-needed nutrition and she went to foster to recover. 

Even with her illness, Karen and Alex, our mother-son team of cat center volunteers, fell in love with Claire immediately and knew they wanted to make her part of their family as soon as she was well. It took several weeks for Claire to make a full recovery and start eating on her own again, but she's now in perfect health and we are so excited to announce that she now has the perfect home in Karen, Alex and their family!

In addition to being cat center volunteers, Karen and Alex are repeat adopters and Claire now has a feline brother in YAH alum, Earl. Claire hit the jackpot with her new family, she is such a loved kitty, and we are so grateful for their commitment to the senior kitties of Young at Heart!


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