Comet's #HappilyEverAfter


Sweet, sweet Comet, age 11, is adopted and loved! She's been settling into her new home for a few weeks now and she is living the Good Life! She is already very bonded to her new mom and she has a life full of love and yummy snacks, along with lots of deer to watch in her beautiful backyard. 

Comet and her new mom Joyce (pictured center) have two wonderful people in their lives who add to the love and great care Comet knows in her new home, and we are so grateful to Joyce and her friends for giving Comet such a wonderful life! 

Congratulations and thanks to Comet's foster family, as well! Brian, Karen and their family, including YAH alum Tux, are brand new fosters to Young at Heart and they loved Comet like their own while she waited for adoption. We are so fortunate to have them on our foster home team! Here's to many more fosters and adoptions! Cheers!


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