Construction Updates!


While our adoption center is getting prepped for the last of the flooring installation on the lower level, our secondary building is almost complete! This small building includes the apartment for our on-site facility manager on one side, and the finished shell of our future veterinary suite on the other side. The vet suite is empty, as it is Phase II of our capital campaign. We still need to raise the funds for the vet suite construction plus the future equipment and the future vet staff. But the apartment needs just a few small tweaks and then it’s ready! Since the apartment won’t be open to public viewing, we thought we’d let you take a quick peek.

Having a 24/7 on-site manager is essential for the safety of all of the senior dogs and cats that will call our adoption center their home away from home. A huge thanks to our architect, Matthias Jans Architect, and our general contractor, Mike Creed, and all the wonderful contractors who helped us create this beautiful space on our tiny budget!

YAH Kitchen

Young at Heart Shelter for Senior Pets

 Young at Heart Shelter for Senior PetsYoung at Heart Shelter for Senior Pets

Young at Heart Shelter for Senior Pets

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