Corky's Happily Ever After


Corky (now Dahli), who was found alone and a stray on the streets of Chicago, will never be without the love of a family ever again. She now calls sisters Diane, Denise and Donna (along with her new canine siblings Poppy and Sweet Pea) her new family, and after just a few days in their home they already love her beyond words. 

Your support, along with the commitment of our foster homes and adopters like Corky's new family, allow us to rescue seniors in need and give them the life they so deserve. Your donations provide their medical care, food and whatever they might need to ready them for adoption. Without you, these happily ever afters would not be possible. Thank you! 

To Diane and her sisters, congratulations and welcome to the Young at Heart family of adopters! We are so happy for you sweet Corky!


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