Everybody Can Do Something


"I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody." ~ Lily Tomlin

Today, these two senior dogs were surrendered to an open admission shelter for simply being "too old". These dogs did nothing wrong. They loved their people no less than they did 13 years ago; in fact, they loved their people even more. And yet.... "too old."

Today, these two senior dogs were in immediate danger of being euthanized because our community's open admission shelters are busting at the seams, despite staff and volunteers working tirelessly to find homes and rescues for the animals in their care. There is just simply not enough room for all the animals our society abandons on a daily basis. 

Today, these two senior dogs were thankfully put on the "SAFE" list at the shelter because one of our amazing foster families agreed to open their home to not just one senior dog in desperate need, but two. And because of these wonderful people opening their home to two dogs they have never met, but who desperately needed a safe place to land before time ran out, these two dogs will now get to enjoy their golden years as they should.

Fostering saves lives, plain and simple. These two dogs going to a foster home means not only are their two lives saved, but the space created will save two more dogs still at the shelter who were about to be out of space. A huge thank you to Deb, Jim, and Joelle for your enthusiastic YES! to fostering these two. You are true heroes! 

Tomorrow, 13 year old Shelby and Sassy will get their freedom ride to Young at Heart together, and they'll never have to worry about being abandoned again. They need a boatload of veterinary care. They may end up being hospice cases that join our sanctuary program, or they may just need some good old fashioned TLC and vet care before being placed for adoption. But whatever they need, they'll get. It's what every senior pet deserves. 

YOU are somebody who can make a difference for homeless pets. Will you open your heart and your home to an older dog or cat who needs you? If you live in the NW suburbs of Chicago, join us for a foster home orientation this Saturday at 9:30am at the Woodstock Public Library. Email volunteer@adoptaseniorpet.com to sign up. Not in our area? Contact your local shelter or rescue and see how you can help homeless pets in need. 

Can't foster? Then adopt. Can't adopt? Volunteer. Can't volunteer? Donate. Can't donate? Spread the word that adoption is the best option. 

Shelby and Sassy, the good life awaits you! We'll update everyone on their freedom ride tomorrow. 

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