Fritz Wants to Be Your One and Only


Friends, Fritz's story was shared over 490 times and reached more than 31,000 people. This handsome boy with a sad story didn't receive a single adoption inquiry. Not one. He still needs a forever home. However, our foster mom Claudia reached out and, though she has three dogs at home, she has a guest apartment attached to her garage that Fritz was welcome to make his temporary home. And so, like so many times before, Claudia provided safe haven to a very lucky and special senior pet. Fritz is settling into his temporary digs and enjoying it tremendously. It's so good to get him out of boarding, and we have Claudia to thank for that. Claudia, thank you for being Fritz's hero, and ours! 

Friends, if you know a quiet pet-free adult home in the Chicago area that would enjoy the company of a single cat, Fritz still needs you to share his story. We know his new family is out there. 


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