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Six years ago today, Young at Heart got one step closer to our dream of building a safe haven for senior pets when we closed on the 8 1/2 acres we purchased in unincorporated Woodstock, IL. As a grassroots organization, it took a lot of time, effort, and a ton of support from awesome pet lovers like you to then pay off the land and raise the funds needed to start building a very special adoption center just for senior pets (and we're still raising those funds!). It's a project that has our whole heart, and we cannot wait to open our doors. Thank you to everyone who has been patiently working and waiting along side us on this journey!

Construction on the adoption center is going really well! It's so exciting! Senior pets will soon have two levels and 5300 square feet of space designed just for them. There have been so many working parts to getting this project going, as the land was completely undeveloped. From bringing electric to the site, to working with IDOT for the driveway, to working with McHenry County to build something that hasn't been built here before, to every little detail in between has all taken time. More time than we ever imagined, but soon it will be worth the wait!

Drywall started last week, and floors will be installed soon. We're starting to order basic equipment that we will need to get into the building and starting saving more senior pets! We're super excited that our architect worked his tail off to figure out how we can have an isolation area that does not share any air with the the rest of the building, as that will mean we can go into animal control and pull multiple senior pets at a time - something we haven't been able to do very often since canine influenza hit area shelters. There's an apartment for our on-site caretaker, and a future veterinary suite that will be developed as part of Phase II of our capital campaign so that our senior pets can get veterinary care right on site. We can't wait to show you around! There really is nothing like our safe haven for senior pets out there. We know you will love it as much as we do!

We're going to need a lot of your support in the coming months to ensure that we can rescue a much greater number of senior pets as we open our doors. Funds for vetting so many more animals will be our number one need. Please consider a year-end donation to Young at Heart to help us get ready! Our tentative ETA to open to the public is late spring, but there is still a LOT to do before then. Follow the construction updates at Young at Heart's Shelter for Senior Pets. There's also a link to our wish list of items in the comments below. We've got some big wishes on there now, and we'll have more to come as we can start to move supplies into the building.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us! We are all so excited to soon be able to give so many more senior pets the opportunity to enjoy their golden years!

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