Goldie's Smile Will Melt Your Heart!


Oh hiiiiiiiiiii!!! Did you need a smile today? How about mine? It's me, Goldie! And I can make anyone smile!

Four weeks ago, I was surrendered to animal control to be euthanized, so it was supposed to be the end for me. My story's ending was going to be a sad one, but instead Young at Heart rescued me! And I have been sooooo happy ever since! I'm really a very good boy. I've had a full work up at the vet, and aside from some arthritis and a touch of pancreatitis when I was rescued, I have steadily gained strength and weight in my three weeks here. I'm feeling good, my bloodwork looks great, and I've had my teeth cleaned, too! I'm such a good and happy boy! My tail never stops wagging. And now, with a big smile, I can say I'm ready for a forever family!

Here's the scoop: I need a fenced-in yard, as I love to romp off leash. I need a home with minimal to no stairs. Carpeting is easier on my arthritis than hardwood floors. And having another dog is a bonus, as I love companionship, be it a person or another dog. (I'm good with kitties, too!). I'm trustworthy when left alone, but in my "golden years" (I'm 10 years old), I'd love a home where my family is with me more than they are away. I'm great with kids, but with my arthritis, older kids will be best for me. And lots and lots of love must be in stock at all times to dish out to me - whenever I want! I have lots and lots of love to give to you, too!

Are you ready to see this beautiful smile every day? If you're in the Chicago area, then fill out an adoption application at


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