Happy 12th Birthday, Baby!


baby collageOne year ago, we were contacted by a shelter about an 11-year-old dog that was in rough shape and needed rescue. She had been confiscated for neglect from a home of horrific conditions that was infested with roaches and fleas. It is obvious this poor girl had suffered from years of fleas feasting on her skin. On top of that, she seemed to be having trouble urinating upon arrival to the shelter, so the shelter's vet did an x-ray. The cause of the issue was a GIANT bladder stone. The amount of discomfort from the flea bites alone is enough to make you cringe, but can you even imagine carrying around a bladder stone, much less one that was that big? You can only imagine how uncomfortable that girl was.

We transferred her to Young at Heart, where it was obvious this girl needed immediate surgery, despite her dangerous skin infection creating a huge risk for infection. Two surgeries, several rounds of antibiotics and dozens of vet visits later, we affectionately call her our "Million Dollar Baby" but she was worth every penny. After going through so much in her lifetime, Baby hit the jackpot by being adopted by her foster mom, and as you can see by her photo now, Baby is absolutely thriving. Baby now celebrates her birthday on May 23rd, the day she was rescued by Young at Heart and when her new and wonderful life began. Happy 12th Birthday, Baby Doll! We love you!

To read Baby's original story, click here: http://srpets.co/25eps5F



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