Happy 18th Birthday, Smokey Girl!


smokey HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY SMOKEY GIRL!!! Friends, last September we came across Smokey Girl at a local shelter. At the age of 17 years, she found herself surrendered to animal control. When we met her, she was so arthritic that she could no longer get up off the concrete she had no choice but to sleep on, she was filthy and covered in fleas, and was terribly sad to have been left behind by her family. We decided that no matter how much time she had left, whether it be days or weeks or months, we wanted her to know love and family when she left this world. 

Smokey Girl blossomed in our care with arthritis meds, massage therapy, and top notch vet care. And love. Lots and lots of love! She went from barely being able to get up to trotting around after her Sanctuary Mom, Claudia. She even mastered the stairs. Her canine brother, Smokey Boy, keeps her young, and she likes to steal his beloved ball and tease him with it. She is a supreme killer of stuffed squirrels and absolutely loves life. She's attended two Mutt Mosey walks and has met hundreds of her fans. So imagine our delight when we realized a year was slowly approaching! We never thought we would be blessed with an entire year with her, but we are so grateful for it! 

As we celebrate Smokey's 18th birthday over the next couple of weeks, Smokey only has one birthday wish- if you are able to, she asks if you would consider making a donation of $18, either just today or on a monthly basis, so that more senior pets left behind in shelters can get a second chance and care like she did. If you'd like to grant her birthday wish, please donate at https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/youngatheart or via snail mail to Young at Heart, PO box 1293, Palatine IL 60078

Smokey Girl, we love you with all of our hearts. Happy, happy 18th birthday!!! 

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