Happy Anniversary, Nellie!


Our last rescued senior in 2011 was a terrified senior shepherd mix from Chicago Animal Care and Control named Nellie. She was completely shut down and scared of the world. Her foster mom, Irene, worked so hard to win her trust, and then worked even harder to show her the world could be a place of love and happiness.

Just when Nellie was finally ready for adoption, she was diagnosed with melanoma. So instead of being adopted out, she became part of our permanent sanctuary/hospice program. We hoped to get a couple of more years to spend with her. A couple years later, she was diagnosed with kidney disease as well. But this sweet little girl learned that she had so much to live for, so she basically decided that any timeline a vet gave her, she would completely ignore. Today, Nellie celebrates five years with Irene and Young at Heart!

From Nellie's sanctuary mom, Irene:
"Today we reached a milestone that I wasn't sure we would see; actually I was pretty sure we would never see today but she has once again amazed me. Nellie has been with me for 5 years. What a difference since the day she got here as a broken shell to the happy girl that still flips on her back daily to wiggle, smile and play with Vinny. We have been on such a journey from oral melanoma to kidney disease to most currently some neurological issues. This lady is the most gentle, loving soul and everyday is a gift with her. She makes my heart burst with love and gratitude. Thank you to Young at Heart Pet Rescue who brought her into my life."

It's amazing what love and care can do. Thank you Irene for loving her so. Thank You to our supporters that make our sanctuary program possible! Happy Anniversary, Nellie! We love you! 


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