Happy Birthday to Us!


Thirteen years ago today, against the advice of pretty much every animal welfare professional we consulted with, Young at Heart began providing second chances to senior cats and dogs that found themselves homeless. There were zero resources for an older dog or cat in the Chicagoland area. And yet we were told it was pointless; that no one would support the mission, no one would adopt senior pets, and that it was "a great idea BUT..." over and over again. But our founder, Dawn Kemper, had a dream that one day all older dogs and cats would be able to spend their last days in a home. That one day all senior pets would be seen as adoptable not only by the people in our community, but also the shelters and rescues. That one day Young at Heart would build a safe haven for homeless senior pets, an alternative home-like shelter for senior pets between homes. And here we are today, celebrating our 13th anniversary!

What an amazing journey these past 13 years have been! Today we are thrilled that senior pets are getting second chances left and right! Shelters put them on their adoption floors more often, rescues will take chances on them more often, there are so many rescues dedicated to senior pets now, foundations like Grey Muzzle Organization that are dedicated to providing resources to helping just homeless senior pets, and there are wonderful, WONDERFUL people out there who will open their hearts and homes to an older pet that just needs a place to call home in the twilight of their life. And though the wait has been long for the building permits, Young at Heart is building that safe haven for senior pets in Woodstock, IL that we dreamed about 13 years ago. And then there is YOU. You, the foster home, the volunteer, the adopter, the donor, the board member, the networker, the sponsor. However YOU have supported Young at Heart and homeless senior pets, THANK YOU! And a special thank you to our amazing small but mighty staff that give so much heart and dedication to this organization every single day!

The sweet senior lab pictured here was Peaches, was the very first senior pet rescued by Young at Heart back in 2005. She happily dragged us out the doors of animal control the day she was supposed to be euthanized, and she would be the first of so very many senior pets saved by Young at Heart. She will forever have such a special place in all of our hearts.

Join us in celebrating 13 years of saving senior pets! Post a photo of your beloved senior dog or cat for our Facebook Page and tell us something that you love or loved about them. You could also help us celebrate today and help more senior pets in need with a donation of $13!

This journey simply would not be possible without you, and together we have some exciting times ahead! A new home, new programs, and many new ideas to continue to help senior pets that just need a second chance. Thank you so much to each and every one of you for being a part of Young at Heart's journey!

Peaches Birthday

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