Harmony - Before and After!


CHECK OUT HARMONY NOW! Some senior pets that come to Young at Heart need quite a bit of TLC before they are ready for adoption. Sweet Harmony was rescued from an animal control facility after a Good Samaritan had found her wandering, covered in wounds, almost blind from a severe eye infection, and covered from head to toe in a terrible skin infection. Despite her discomfort, she wagged her tail happily when you payed her any attention. No family came looking for her, and in her condition and estimated age of 10 years old, she was to be euthanized.

But sweet Harmony was in luck! Because thanks to your support, Young at Heart was able to rescue her, and we began the journey to help her heal.

Her recovery took multiple trips to the vet, including several to a dermatologist. Her skin was so terrible that even a skin biopsy could not diagnose her exact skin condition. And yet, Harmony thrived, her skin looking better each week, her vision returning as the infection healed, and her spunky personality blossomed as she felt better and better. Many months later, Harmony's wounds have all healed and her skin condition is under control with medication. She can catch any treat you toss to her with her eagle eyes, and she is happy and loving life while she waits for a forever home.

Thanks to your support, Harmony got all the care she needed to heal. While she waits for a loving family, she is safe and getting the continued care that she needs to enjoy her golden years.

With your help, senior pets like Harmony with special needs are not turned away. Because of your donations, Harmony was able to get the care she needed to heal and she now lives a life of comfort and happiness.

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