Harmony's #HappilyEverAfter


Your love made it all worth waiting for someone like you. - Dean Martin

Harmony was rescued by Young at Heart eight months ago and was in terrible shape when she arrived. Practically every inch of her skin was riddled with severe infection, she was malnourished, she had obviously seen a life of neglect and her spirit was broken. Once here, she received top notch vet care and found a wonderful foster home in Sandy and Mike who would see her through the journey to good health and knowing what it meant to be a loved dog.

As her health improved and her spunky spirit emerged, Harmony came into her own and we discovered she was not the best at meeting new canine friends. She was a sweet and loving girl at home, but it made adoption events impossible and meet and greets with potential families did not go well. Her foster family did a great job helping her acclimate to new dogs, but her behavior limited her adoption options and made finding that perfect home a bit more of a challenge.

But, as we fully believe here at Young at Heart, things happen for a reason and in the time they should. And, as of a little over a week ago, Harmony found that perfect person and home in her new mom Rose Ann, and it was well worth the wait! Harmony gets to be the queen bee in her new life, and she has not only stolen her new mom’s heart, but she is a hit with neighbors and friends, and she’s even done well meeting some of the neighborhood dogs. Harmony knows so much love in her new home, and returns it in double. Rose Ann and Harmony are the perfect match and we are so happy for both of them!

It quite often takes the help of many to re-home our seniors and while are so grateful to Harmony’s new mom and her wonderful foster family, we also want to send out a big thank you to Bentley's Pet Stuff for supplying Harmony with a year’s worth of Zignature food. This diet made all the difference in Harmony’s recovery from her skin ailments and their donation gets her off to a great start in her new home. Thank you Bentley's Pet Stuff!

Hooray for Harmony and Rose Ann!

Harmony Adopted


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