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We're busy getting ready for all the additional lives we'll be able to save with the opening of our facility mid-2019, but we can only save more senior pets with YOUR help! Become a Young at Heart Constant Companion member by pledging as little as $10 per month and make an incredible difference in the lives of homeless senior pets that just need a second chance.

Constant Companions are the heroes of Young at Heart who become monthly sustaining donors, contributing money year round to help save the lives of senior pets. Your monthly commitment reduces the time we spend fundraising, helps us plan our operations, and – most important – allows us to rescue senior pets we would otherwise be unable to help. Knowing that we have your ongoing support means that we can confidently say YES! to helping many more loving, amazing old souls.

When a senior pet comes to Young at Heart, we promise them the "good life" from that point on. Often a senior pet rescued from a shelter is scared, underweight, and often sick from being in an overcrowded shelter situation. Their new lives begin with lots of love, all the veterinary care they need, grooming, training if needed, and then more love as we work to find them their forever homes. Our Constant Companion members make that possible.

To sign up, choose the level that works for you (minimum $10 a month), and your credit card will be automatically billed for that amount each month. You can change or cancel your monthly donation at any time.

Constant Companion members receive:
-An exclusive newsletter just for monthly donors!
-Exclusive Young at Heart member swag shipped each Feb/March!
-Warm fuzzies knowing that for the cost of a couple of cups of fancy coffee, you are directly saving the lives of senior pets!

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Save the life of a senior pet. Become a Constant Companion monthly donor.

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