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Our sweet girl Liv could really use your thoughts and healing energy. You might remember that back in October we almost lost our girl to a platelet disorder. She's been doing so well, and is living the best life with her sanctuary family, but this past Friday she went back to the ICU with a relapse of the condition.

We're doing everything we can for her and staying optimistic that she'll pull through this like she did before, but she can definitely use some of your love and healing energy, too! Liv is the bravest dog we know and we cannot wait for her to get back to her sanctuary family who loves her so very much! You've got this Liv! We love you!

Liv's stay in the ICU is expensive and worth every penny to make sure she has every chance at beating this. If you would like to help us with her care, please check out the link below. Liv sends her thanks, and so do we! ❤️

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