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Friends, meet Blue. He's the sweetest, gentlest, most adorable old soul that we rescued from an open-admission shelter just a few weeks ago. He's a super mellow boy who loves to follow his foster mom around her house, and has helped her through the loss of her own beloved dog. Blue is one of those senior dogs that just instantly wins everyone over. His kind eyes and sweet demeanor can't be resisted.

Blue arrived to Young at Heart Heartworm positive, with a limp and a bout of tummy trouble. So we worked with our vet to get his tummy feeling better and had his limp looked into. X-rays revealed not only terrible spinal arthritis, but also a very worrisome front leg and shoulder, so onto the specialist he went. Yesterday, Blue's bone biopsy results came back with our worst fear. We are heartbroken that Blue has bone cancer. 

Because of where it's located, and because of his spinal arthritis, amputation of the leg is not a humane option in his case. This is the hardest part of rescuing seniors, but on the other hand, it is also one of the most rewarding parts. You see, rescuing seniors is not about the quantity of time we have with them, but the quality of time. Our goal is to make sure that each senior pet that arrives to Young at Heart is surrounded by love for the rest of their lives - even if that time is limited. Blue has already been loved beyond words since the moment he arrived to Young at Heart, and he will be loved beyond words until his very last breath. And he will be spoiled every second in between. 

Blue and his foster mom are checking off his bucket list. Blue is a bit of a homebody, so his bucket list is about the simple things in life: 

✔️ Drive-thru cheeseburger snacks. 
✔️ Ice cream cones in the sunshine. 
✔️ Lazy days on the couch with someone rubbing his belly.
✔️ Laying in the yard, enjoying the warmth of the sun.
✔️ Enjoy a care package from Live Like Roo Foundation

If you don't know about Live Like Roo Foundation, you should. They're a wonderful local 501c3 organization that helps dogs and their owners through a cancer diagnosis by providing emotional and financial support. They'll be at our Mutt Mosey Fundraiser Walk for Senior Pets on Sunday, spreading love to all of the dogs there, but especially ones like our sweet Blue. 

For senior pets like Blue, we have our Young at Heart Sanctuary Program. Young at Heart believes that Love Has No Age Limit™, and just because a dog or cat has some more complex medical issues, doesn't mean that they can't enjoy the twilight of their lives. Young at Heart's Sanctuary Program allows senior pets with end-of-life medical issues to enjoy the love of a family at the end of their life, while Young at Heart pays for all the medical expenses for the Sanctuary Pet. These dogs and cats receive all the medical support, love, and attention they need to enjoy the rest of their lives, cared for by their Sanctuary Homes, and financially supported by Young At Heart. Our Sanctuary Program is only made possible because of wonderful supporters like YOU.

If you'd like to donate to help Blue and other senior pets like him in our Sanctuary Program enjoy the twilight of their lives, please consider a donation to our Mutt Mosey fundraiser walk. All donations are being MATCHED dollar for dollar by an Angel Donor through Saturday.

Thank you for helping Blue get the comfort and love that he deserves.


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