Help Nancy Heal!


Many of us would give anything to extend our pets' lives by years if we could. So when we found out that there was something we could do to literally heal Nancy's heart, the answer was easy:


At Nancy's initial vet appointment, she was diagnosed with a significant heart murmur. For all of Young at Heart's senior pets, any murmur grade 3 or higher results in a trip to the cardiologist, as so many heart conditions can be successfully supported with the proper veterinary care. And as it turns out, Nancy's heart murmur is caused by something totally fixable. But if it isn't fixed, she will go into heart failure. It's amazing that she hasn't already.

Nancy has PDA, or Patent ductus arteriosus. PDA is a congenital defect where a vessel in the heart that normally closes at birth does not, resulting in abnormal blood flow in the heart. In humans, you'll hear about a baby being born "with a hole in their heart". Nancy has this same thing. It is typically diagnosed soon after birth and corrected at the time, but in Nancy's case it was not, and it is amazing that she has lived this long without complications like congestive heart failure. Now that we know she has it, we have the opportunity to ensure she can be in the best cardiac health possible with lots of golden years ahead of her. But Nancy needs your help to heal her heart!

Nancy will be going to Purdue University next week where they will perform a procedure to correct the hole in her heart. She will be there for a few days, along with her amazing foster mom who is seeing her through every step of the way. The estimate for the procedure is $2500. We have been reassured by the cardiologist that, aside from the PDA, Nancy's heart is in excellent health. Fixing her PDA will ensure her heart stays healthy and she has every chance at a long and healthy life!

Please donate today to help heal Nancy's heart! Your donation is not only tax-deductible, but is a life-changer for Nancy.

Thank you!

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