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Meet Twiggy, a sweet senior chihuahua, rescued from a local admission shelter. Though she is a cute three-pound chihuahua, at the shelter she was a senior dog full of fear and reacting poorly to new people in the shelter environment. To top it off, something was very wrong with her back legs. She could use them, but not very well. Without rescue, Twiggy wasn’t going to make it out of the shelter alive. 

When we met Twiggy, it was obvious that Twiggy was just scared and in pain. Both of her back legs have the worst case of luxating patellas we had ever seen. Her knees do not stay in place at all, making her walk with her hind end tucked under as she hobbles along. Twiggy has spent her entire life with this painful condition. Twiggy desperately needed help, and so we welcomed her to Young at Heart. Now we need your help to ensure that Twiggy can enjoy her golden years in comfort!

We know it is very hard to watch the video of Twiggy walk, but it is important for you to see how this poor girl has lived her whole life. Twiggy needs bilateral knee surgery, a procedure that will cost up to $3100 per knee. Twiggy is a young senior at 7-8 years old, so this procedure will buy her years of comfort that she has never known. We have surgery scheduled for August 31st, the earliest we could get it schedule for her, and now we need your help to raise the funds. 

Thank you for your help in giving Twiggy the second chance she deserves to live a pain-free life!

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