Hershey's #HappilyEverAfter


Oh, oh, oh how we love the O'Donnell family!! After showing four Young at Heart Seniors the Good Life over the past 10 years, the O'Donnell family is in a class all their own as they welcomed their FIFTH Young at Heart dog into their family last week!

Betty Boop (now Hershey), age 10, joins YAH alum Baxter, for what we know will be a life full of love and joy. Just as those who have come before her, Betty Boop has hit the jackpot when it comes to finding her happily ever after and we are so excited for this sweet, sweet girl!

It's hard to find the right words to adequately thank the O'Donnells for their amazing commitment to helping senior pets in need, but our hearts are full of gratitude as we celebrate this wonderful family!

It's a happy, happy day here at Young at Heart! 


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