Iggy and Twiggy


Friday is a big day for two teeny tiny senior chihuahuas at Young at Heart! Iggy and Twiggy are both having very important surgeries that will change their lives for the better.

First, after several days in the ICU, Iggy survived the pneumonia he contracted at the shelter where we rescued him. We then worked with the cardiologist to get his enlarged heart and murmur under control so we could address his next big issue: bladder stones that fill his entire bladder. Iggy is finally cleared for surgery and will finally get the relief he has so long deserved.

Twiggy, after a lifetime of walking with two knees that never stay in place and constantly crunch bone against bone as she hobbles along, will finally know what it feels like to walk without pain. Twiggy will be getting both of her knees surgically corrected. She will soon be able to walk and run and enjoy life without the pain she has always known.

Friday is a big surgical day for two little chihuahuas, but with your support these two sweet seniors will finally know a life of comfort! The surgeons are confident in the success of both of these pups' outcomes, but they are still risky. With Iggy's heart condition and both of the dogs being less than 5 pounds, both dogs need a specialist for these procedures.

Twiggy's estimate is $3100 per knee at the high end. Iggy's is $3000. These surgeries, on top of our regular veterinary expenses, mean Friday is going to be a big vet bill day for Young at Heart. For these two special dogs, it will mean their suffering will soon be a thing of the past.

Please donate to Iggy and Twiggy's surgeries so that they can soon enjoy the brand new lives of comfort they have waiting for them!

Please keep Iggy and Twiggy in your thoughts on Friday. We'll update you as soon as we have news from their surgeons. Thank you for being there for Iggy and Twiggy!

Twiggy    Iggy

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