Iggy Cleared for Surgery


Hi, it's me, Iggy, here! I just finished up with my pre-operative visit and I have officially been cleared and prepped for surgery tomorrow! It's going to be a big day, I know everyone at the rescue is worried about me, but I can't wait to feel better. I've lived with these stones in my bladder for so long, and I'm really tired of being in pain. The nice doctor holding me is part of an amazing team that is making sure I'll have the best care possible. They say I'll be feeling better in no time! 

It will be a big day tomorrow for my friend Twiggy, too (she is having surgery to repair both of her knees), and the specialized care we are receiving is expensive. Our procedures will cost the rescue right around $10,000! You've already done so much to help, and your amazing generosity has raised $7142 of that total! Thank you so much! Will you please donate to help raise the remaining $2858? Both of our surgeries will be life-changing and your donations will help bring us so much comfort. 

Visit this link to donate.

Twiggy and I will check back in after our surgeries tomorrow, but please keep us in your thoughts. Thank you for supporting us! 

Love, Iggy 

Iggy Pre Op

Iggy Bladder Stones

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