Iggy on the Mend!


HAPPY UPDATE ON IGGY! Today is Day 5 of Iggy at the ER. Yesterday he was not doing well at all. He was weak and lethargic, had been refusing to eat, and his white cell count had risen instead of dropped. With his heart condition, the bladder and kidney stones, and his mouthful of rotten teeth all complicating treatment, we were honestly running out of options for him. We are always willing to go the extra mile for our senior pets, but only if it is humane to do so. So yesterday after discussing Iggy’s quality of life in depth with the vet, we opted to give him a little more time and a different medication to see if he could still turn that corner. And then we waited, afraid to hope. 

This morning, we got the call that Iggy happily greeted everyone with energetic tail wags and demanding breakfast! He eagerly wolfed down his food, which means he can now take all of his meds orally instead of via IV. He’s all over the place this morning, feeling so much better and wanting to get out of there! And so the vet was beyond thrilled to let us know that with this huge improvement, Iggy can be released back to his foster home today!

We are so happy, but we know that Iggy is not out of the woods yet. His next visit will be with the cardiologist to work up his enlarged heart and murmur, because as of this moment he is not a surgical candidate. We hope we can change that with treatment so we can get Iggy’s bladder and kidney stones removed. This little guy is a mess, and we’re taking it one day at a time with him, but he just proved he’s a fighter and wants a chance! So we’ll give him every chance he needs! 

Please continue to keep Iggy in your thoughts and keep cheering him on. We love you, Iggy! ❤️


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