Iggy's New Jammies!


Oh heeeeeey! It's me, Iggy, aka da Iggster, Iggy Pop, Lil Igguana. Just thought I'd show you the totally sweet jammies my sanctuary mama got me. I'm a bit chilly with this fall weather, being a whole 3 pounds of chihuahua and all, so I'm loving this stuff you humans call "fleece."

It's been just almost 4 months since Young at Heart rescued me and got me through a terrible upper respiratory infection that almost did me in. They also got my congestive heart failure under control, and got the awful bladder stone removed. I'm really enjoying being spoiled rotten in my golden years. It's pretty sweet.

Thanks for making happily ever afters for us senior pets possible, even ones like mine where I stay a part of Young at Heart forever!

Iggy 🐾

Iggy Jammies

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