In Loving Memory...


Back in 2010, we had the sweetest little senior rat terrier named Marshall. Marshall waited and waited and waited for his forever home because not only was he a senior, but he was also diabetic. But one day a very special couple, Jeff and Debra, came to meet Marshall. 

You see, they were already special to Young at Heart. Jeff was a mailman, and one day many years ago when Young at Heart first started, he realized that there was a dog and cat locked in an abandoned house on his route. He scrambled to find them help, and working together to save the sweet old souls left behind in that house, Young at Heart took in Susie the senior lab and Tigger the senior cat. We were so grateful that Jeff cared so very much! Thanks to Jeff, both Susie and Tigger lived to find loving homes in their golden years. 

Then, in 2010, Jeff and Debra came to meet Marshall. Debra was a nurse, so the injections of insulin for Marshall's diabetes didn't bother her at all. It was love at first site. Marshall had hit the jackpot. He was loved beyond words, and had found his people. We were thrilled for all of them! Through the years, Marshall was loved, and Jeff and Debra continued to support Young at Heart. 

A few weeks ago, we received a phone call from Jeff. He was letting us know that he would be making a donation in Debra's memory because Marshall was there to help her get through all her cancer. Marshall was with her through the whole first round of cancer. He was such a good dog, and she took him everywhere with her. Marshall was with Debra more than any human ever was when she went through her first round of cancer, never leaving her side. Sadly, Marshall passed away before Debra's second round of cancer. And Jeff was calling to let us know that she loved that dog so very much, and that now they're together again. 

We were heartbroken to hear of Debra's passing, but it touched our hearts so deeply to know that Marshall brought her such comfort. We should all be so lucky to have such a good friend to get us through the toughest times. Thank you, Jeff, for your generous donation in memory of Debra and Marshall to save more senior pets. We're sending you the biggest hug ever. Know that we will always keep Debra and Marshall in our hearts. 

~In loving memory of Debra Harris and her sweet Young at Heart dog, Marshall 💕

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