It's a Wonderful Life for Pasha


Pasha was rescued at age 11-1/2 years old from a local shelter after her family could no longer care for her. This little girl was completely blind, and had been for life after an eye infection as a kitten. Where healthy eyes should have been, she only had two shrunken and scarred remnants of tissue. Despite the pain from years of infection and scar tissue, Pasha still purred and was so happy to be loved on. Pain had unfortunately become her "normal". As soon as we rescued her, we whisked her to the vet, and immediately scheduled her for surgery. The dried little raisins where eyes once had been would be removed.

After surgery, it was so heartwarming to watch Pasha experience life without the pain of where her eyes used to be. Her eyelids were stitched close to ensure that she would never have to endure another socket infection, and she barely noticed. For the first time in over a decade, she was pain free. And she began to live joyously and happily! She spent several months in a foster home, getting loved on while she healed. But Pasha also had a few other recurring medical issues that made it more challenging to adopt her out, so when Regina came along wanting to be a permanent foster home for a special needs kitty, it was a match made in heaven.

Pasha is enjoying her golden years as all senior pets should. She is loved, she is happy, and she is pain-free. This little video is of her (and her other four-legged siblings!) following her Sanctuary Mom, Regina, to get her breakfast in the morning. You can see how she eagerly weaves through her home to follow mom's voice to her breakfast!

Regina says, "Pasha is my special baby. She has the ability to light me up just by 'looking' at me with her sweet blind face. I swear she can see me. There is not a day that goes by that she doesn't make me laugh - especially during any meal, my breakfast, her breakfast, she always shows up ready to eat - and begs until you just give in. Cottage cheese and egg yolks are her personal favorite. This little lady with a very scratchy old lady meow has changed my life forever - my sensitivity to not only animals with disabilities but humans as well has been amplified just with her presence. I love her infinitely and feel so privileged to be called her sanctuary mom. Thank you YAH for trusting me with her care."

Thank you for allowing Pasha and so many other senior pets get the second chance they so deserve. Your donations allow Young at Heart to rescue, provide comprehensive medical care, and then allow senior pets all the time they need to find the perfect home - and then when they need more than a traditional adoptive home may be able to provide, we can provide them with a forever Sanctuary Home.

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