Izzy and Walter's #HappilyEverAfter


Izzy and Walter, a bonded mother and son duo, are as fun and as sweet as can be! But Izzy, who takes her job of being Walter’s mom and protector very seriously, is not so keen on welcoming new dogs into their lives and it has made finding them a home together a bit more challenging. Here at Young at Heart, we absolutely refuse to separate our bonded pairs and while we knew it may take some time for them to find a home, we also knew the perfect home was out there and we just had to be patient. 

Well, after 226 days of waiting, Izzy and Walter found their perfect home and happily ever after with their new mom Danika! They’ve been settling in for a few weeks now and they are doing so well. From snoozing on the couch, to lots of walks, to spending time with new family and friends, Izzy and Walter are truly living the Good Life and we could not be happier for them! 

Thank you Danika for giving Izzy and Walter such a wonderful home and life. Welcome to the Young at Heart family of adopters!

Izzy and Walter

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