LOST DOG: Help find Shadow!



1/8/15 - SHADOW UPDATE DAY 8: 

The day we rescued Shadow from the shelter, just before New Years, I promised him "it's all going to be ok". It's breaking my heart that he's out there, maybe not ok. We spent all day following tracks. The blowing snow finally made it impossible to see anything at all and we headed home. 

Today is Day 8 of Shadow Search. I hope someone has him. A person who called him in from the cold, who hasn't seen the posters and social media, and while we've been trekking through the cold, he's been curled up snug as a bug on someone's couch. I can only hope. It's all we have right now. 

We haven't had a sighting since Sunday. Not even sure Shadow is still in the area where the trap is set, so we will need your help expanding the search radius. Stay tuned for a post on that by morning. 

Right now we are getting him into papers and contacting the media again and putting some other things in gear. Say a prayer someone spots him so we at least know we're in the vicinity of where he is. And continue to keep him in your thoughts that he is safe, wherever he may be. -Dawn

To read more about Shadow's Search by Team Shadow, click here. 

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