Lucy Needs Your Help!


Friends, sweet Lucy could really use your help. When we rescued Lucy, her left ear was hideously mangled due to a lifetime of untreated ear infections that has left her with excruciating ear pain in her left ear. Upon rescue, both ears were terribly infected. Antibiotics helped clear up the infection in her right ear, but her left one is a completely different story. That ear causes her searing pain and has been oozing blood and pus from the ear canal, despite antibiotics and medication. It's heartbreaking to see our happy-go-lucky girl in such discomfort.

After an in-depth exam yesterday, it was decided that the only way to remove the chronically diseased tissue and bring her total comfort for the rest of her life was a total ear ablation by a specialist. This is a surgery that will remove her entire ear canal, all of the diseased and infected tissue, and her painful mangled ear flap. This is not a cheap surgery. In fact, it will cost Young at Heart $3800-4000 for surgery and follow-up care. And yes, Lucy will be left without an ear flap, which will make her look a little lopsided. But, we think if she could talk, she would trade her ear flap for a lifetime without the excruciating ear pain she has known for far too long.

To ensure that Lucy does not suffer a moment longer, we signed off for Lucy to have surgery with the specialist TODAY. $3800-4000 for one surgery is a heck of a lot of money, but it is worth it so that Lucy can enjoy the rest of her life. Lucy could really use your help today! Please donate on our page at this link

And if you can, please keep Lucy in your thoughts as she goes in for surgery today and wish her a safe surgery and speedy recovery.

We'll keep you posted on how she does.

Thank you for helping Lucy!


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