Martha is Home


Just about a year ago, an arthritic and Heartworm positive senior dog arrived at Young at Heart named Martha. She was grumpy and lacked trust, overreacted to other dogs, and had separation anxiety to boot. Her coat was terrible, her teeth painful, her every movement ached with years of unaddressed arthritis. One of our most experienced foster homes stepped up to foster her, agreeing to work with her and see if they could reach her. It was apparent to all of us that she was shut down, protective of herself, and heartbroken. We hoped that with time and a lot of love, we would get through to her. We hope that she would soon realize that she was ok. It was going to take a lot of patience and a lot of time.

Martha has been with us almost a year now. You wouldn't recognize the dog who first walked through our doors last March. Over these many months, she's figured out that she is loved, she is safe, and she has finally figured out that all humans at Young at Heart are gentle and loving. She is finally a happy girl. Her eyes are soft and they are so expressive - something we didn't know if we would ever see in her. She is comfortable for the first time in a very long time, with her supplements and arthritis medication and healthy diet and heated beds. All her medical needs are taken care of, and she is also now heartworm negative. She has found a best buddy and little brother in our Sanctuary dog, Opie. Opie can walk underneath her, run next to her, and sleep on her and she has found a steady companion to trust in our Ambassadog, Sam. After trying to find a perfect forever home for Martha, she made it very obvious that she would be happiest not having to adjust to a new life all over again. She is a sensitive soul with a questionable past, and it took her a long time to figure out that she is okay. It took her a long time to enjoy herself and relax. It took her all this time to accept that she is loved, and begin to love back.

And so, since everything at Young at Heart is done in each pet's best interest, Martha is Home. She will get to spend her retirement years with the people who helped her through the toughest transition of her life. She will stay surrounded by the family that has taught her that it's okay to love and be loved. She is now and forever a permanent sanctuary dog with Young at Heart! And as you can see, Martha is VERY happy about that!

Our Sanctuary Program is made possible thanks to your support. A lifetime supply of medication, vet visits, bloodwork, xrays, and anything else they need is VERY expensive. We can't take care of Martha and the other sanctuary pets without your help!

Thank you for giving senior pets like Martha the opportunity to enjoy their golden years, whether through adoption or permanent sanctuary or hospice residence at Young at Heart!


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