Marty's Perfect Home


It ends up he was home all along….. Marty, or Smarty Marty as we like to call him, waited and waited for his forever family to come along while his oh-so-patient foster mom, Vicki, and her dog Casper, helped Marty learn what love is and that life could be okay again. He bore the emotional scars of life in a hoarding situation before he was rescued by Young at Heart, and the outside world was one full of uncertainty and unfamiliar things for him. The trauma he experienced meant he needed a very special home and one that could see him through what will most likely be a lifetime of rehabilitation.

With the support of Young at Heart, Vicky saw Marty through sessions with a trainer and visits with a behaviorist, and all the while we all watched him blossom and bond more every day with both Vicky and Casper. As time went by, and potential adopters never panned out, we came to the realization that Marty was smarter than the rest of us (hence the nickname Smarty Marty) and he knew he was already home. So, with full hearts and such joy for Marty, Vicki and Casper made it official and gave Marty his forever family.

We can’t even imagine a more perfect home for Marty and are so grateful to Vicky and Casper for giving Marty a happily ever after. You are a smart and good boy Marty! 

Marty Adopted

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