Meet Fritz - Safe with Young at Heart!


NO LONGER COLD AND ALONE: Friends, meet Fritz, one of our last rescues for 2016. Fritz's owner passed away in the summer of 2015, and when the local shelter did not have room for Fritz, the family just left him in the house and hired a neighbor to occasionally feed him and change his litterbox. Other than these periodic visits, Fritz has been living alone in a cold, dark house for the past year and a half. No heat. No power. No family. All alone after a decade of being loved by his guardian. 

Last week, a passerby saw Fritz in the window when the temperatures were in the single digits and fortunately knew to call animal control. The temperature inside the house was just as cold as it was outside. The water in his dish was frozen solid, there was no food in his bowl, and there was barely any litter in his box because the neighbor was trying to be frugal with supplies. Fritz hitched a ride to animal control, where he got a warm bed and some nourishing food, and a plea was sent out for rescue. And with several senior kitties being recently adopted, Young at Heart had the room to say yes to sweet Fritz. 

Fritz got a full work up at our vet and this big ol' boy is healthy, despite his lack of care the last year and a half. He was understandably a bit skittish at first, having no company for so many months, so he is temporarily in our 3-story cat condo while he re-acclimates to having company again. We are showering him with affection, and he is quickly becoming used to being loved on again. Fritz is figuring out he is ok, and we are so happy that he is safe and sound here with us. 

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Fritz and all the senior pets your donations give a second chance to say THANK YOU!


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