Meet Hurricane Harvey Rescue, Claire


Sweet Hurricane Harvey rescue, Claire (formerly known as Clarice), is enjoying some love in her temporary foster home. Claire came to us not eating much, but her veterinary records were scant with any information. After some digging, it turns out she hadn't been eating much at the shelter we pulled her from either. With cats, this is so so dangerous, as they can get a condition called Hepatic Lipidosis, or "Fatty Liver". It's very serious, especially in senior kitties, which is why we watch our kitties so closely when they first arrive to make sure they are eating and thriving. Where a dog will just lose weight if they go off their feed for a few days, a cat can literally cause their own liver to fail.

After a few weeks of force feeding Claire with a syringe under veterinary supervision, she didn't rally as she should, so she underwent a procedure to put in a feeding tube. If you look carefully, you can see the top of it sticking out of her neck. Though it sounds scary, for a cat it is far more enjoyable than having to be force fed several times a day, and doesn't bother her much. But since having the feeding tube put in, her body is getting the nutrients she needs in bigger doses, and we're so happy that she's turned that corner! Her foster parents are doing a wonderful job doting on her and making sure she's getting everything she needs, while Young at Heart pays for all of her medical care. Claire is brighter each day, finally eating on her own more and more each day, and is starting to yell at the bedroom door to be let out for some love (she's enjoying a spare bedroom with big windows for now because of the feeding tube. We don't want the other kitties to bother her).

Claire is so lucky that she was transferred to Young at Heart when she was. A few more days of not really eating, and her liver would have been too far gone. As it was, we weren't sure we could help turn her around because we had no idea how long she had not been eating before coming to us. But thanks to YOU - the wonderful people who donate and support these amazing senior pets that just need some TLC and a second chance - Claire has a bright future full of love, and eventually a family of her own who will love her dearly. We are so grateful that we can help more medically complex cases like Claire get the Happily Ever After they deserve!


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