Meet Hurricane Harvey Rescue, Dot!


This sweet little senior girl is Dot, and she is a Hurricane Harvey senior who hitched a ride to Young at Heart on a transport from Louisiana separately from our Harvey Six mission. So, she makes it our Harvey Seven! 

Dot is 10 years old, and she ended up needing a new home after her elderly owner fell ill. So after ten years, she found herself needing a home right before the hurricane hit. She's had big changes in her life, but she's taking them all in stride. She's a calm girl (unless there's a squirrel nearby - then all bets are off!), and does well with both dogs and cats. Dot knows the rules of the house, and is completely trustworthy and potty trained. We're not sure of her breed - she looks a lot like a chihuahua crossed with an Australian shepherd, packed in a little body. She's a healthy girl now that the ear infection and skin issues she came to us with are clearing up. Dot also had her teeth cleaned! 

Dot will be on our website soon, but will be making her adoption debut at our Silver Paws gala next weekend! She can't wait!


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