Meet Our Latest Rescue, Alice!


EVEN FROSTBITE CAN'T MAKE THIS SWEET GIRL STOP PURRING! Alice is a sweet older kitty who found herself outside during the most recent cold snap. She was lucky to be found by a good Samaritan, who brought her to a local shelter we work with. The shelter was at capacity, but when they reached out to Young at Heart to save her, we were at capacity, too. How could we save Alice? With the help from our village!

And our village is amazing! We quickly called our wonderful veterinarypartners at Lincolnshire Animal Hospital, and they happily agreed to help us save her. Alice was immediately set up to be temporarily boarded, but since the animal hospital doesn't usually board animals, we needed more help. That's when our wonderful volunteer Regina opened her home up to foster Alice for us, creating the space that was needed to save Alice's life! And thanks to our donors, her boarding bill and any veterinary care she needed was covered, too.

Alice was busted out of the shelter, and made her way to the vet to get a full medical workup. Alice was suffering from frostbite on both of her ears from her exposure to the cold, and one ear tip was already starting to fall off. She also suffered head trauma at some point in time, as all the teeth on one side of her mouth are broken and her jaw has an old fracture. Despite her injuries, Alice purrs and purrs and purrs. She adores people and is the sweetest thing. She is so happy to be warm, safe, and loved once again.

Alice had the damaged tissue on her ear tips cleaned up during surgery, and her teeth carefully addressed to not further damage her jawbone. Her bloodwork looks great and she's doing well! And now Alice is safe and comfy in her foster home. Alice is still on “new arrival medical hold”, so we’re not sure how she is with other animals yet. But her foster mom reports she loves to sing, craves human attention, and is eating like a champ! When she’s ready for adoption, she’ll be posted on our website.

We are so grateful for the support of our entire village that makes saving senior pets possible. We couldn't do it without you. Thank you from Alice, and thank you from all of us at Young at Heart! ❤️🐾

Alice the Cat



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