Merri's #HappilyEverAfter


Another senior kitty has found their happily ever after!

Merri, age 12, was rescued back in December and it was immediately discovered she had severe dental disease that would require the removal of almost all of her teeth. The amazing team at Lincolnshire Animal Hospital ( provided her top notch care and compassion through three procedures, while her new mom Kathy patiently waited for her to be ready for adoption. And, as of last weekend, Merri is officially adopted and loved!

Merri, who is quite possibly one of the sweetest kitties ever to pass through Young at Heart, has a home where she'll get just as much love as she gives, and we are so excited that she has found such a wonderful home and new mom in Kathy!

Thank you for giving a senior pet a second chance! We have no doubt that Merri was worth the wait! 

Merri Adopted

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