Missy, Adopted and Loved!


Your support today and every day throughout the year not only gives senior pets a second chance to find the love and happiness of being part of a family again, but it brings love and happiness to the families who bring these senior pets into their lives, and this couldn't be more true for our little Missy!

Missy, a tiny 13-year-old blind Chihuahua who was rescued from an incredibly impoverished parish in Louisiana after Hurricane Harvey, has found the most wonderful home with Dawn, Gary and their family, including YAH alum Speedy! We love our repeat adopters and Missy, who doesn't leave her new mom's side, is sure to have all the love, care and pampering every senior deserves in their golden years. Thank you Dawn, Gary and all of you who made this second chance for a very deserving senior possible!


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