Moo Moo - Adopted & Loved!


From finding herself alone and in a shelter, to finding a second chance with Young a Heart, to finding her new life and home with one of our most beloved adopters, we are so excited to share the news that MooMoo is now adopted and loved!

MooMoo has had quite the journey with us, and as you may remember, she came to the rescue with two badly injured knees. When she arrived we immediately noticed that every step for her was painful, and even standing was a struggle, but in true MooMoo spirit her tail never stopped wagging. Her sweet and happy demeanor was contagious, but this poor girl had lived for years with severely torn cruciate ligaments in both knees. It was heartbreaking to think about, and after a visit to the orthopaedic surgeon, we learned the shocking news that she desperately needed surgery with an estimate of about $5,000 for each knee.

We knew what needed to be done, would do nothing but the best for her, and immediately reached out to you to help us fundraise for the first surgery. Through your generous support, you helped us provide the first surgery. And, through the amazing love and care of her foster dad Paul (pictured below holding her), who saw her through over four months of rehabilitation and nursing care, she made a full recovery and was ready for the next surgery.

Expensive veterinary care is nothing new to us and we will do anything for our seniors, but it is nonetheless daunting, and just as we (including MooMoo's foster dad, Paul) prepared to see her through another surgery, something truly amazing happened. Sue, a previously three-peat Young at Heart adopter, called and said she wanted to bring MooMoo home and that she would take care of her next surgery so the rescue could use that money for other seniors in need. To say we were overjoyed would be an understatement. We knew MooMoo would have the best life, the best care and all the love a dog could possibly want; it would be just the life we had imagined for this very special dog.

So, it is with very full hearts that we say MooMoo has found her happily ever with Sue and her pack! She is now a FOUR-TIME adopter! The generosity of her heart and her support of our mission is truly un-matched. Thank you Sue - we love you!

Finally, we send thanks to you for your support of our seniors. It takes a village to rescue and re-home our seniors and we are so glad all of you are part of our village!

We love you MooMoo. <3

Moo Moo Adopted

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