Mutt Mosey Helps the Kitties Too!


The Mutt Mosey may be a walk with senior dogs, but the funds raised help our senior kitties, too!

Nyssa was rescued from an open admission shelter and had extensive orthopedic issues that made it difficult for her to walk like a normal cat. Wanting the very best quality of life for her, she saw a specialist. However, after she was fully evaluated, surgery would not likely have a successful outcome, so we opted to help her enjoy life with pain management, physical therapy, and cold laser therapy instead.

Nyssa has been with Young at Heart for several months now, and we're happy to report that her mobility is SO much better and she can enjoy life again! She loves to jump into her seat by the window and watch the birds in the sunshine, and loves to purr and play.

Your donations to the Mutt Mosey help us provide the best golden years possible for senior dogs AND cats! Will you help us reach our goal? We're half way there!

With the opening of our adoption center this summer, every dollar raised means even more lives saved! Funds raised provide veterinary care for senior pets just like Nyssa.

Thank you for making our mission to provide senior dogs and cats with a safe haven to ensure they live with comfort, compassion, and companionship in their golden years possible!

PS - Want to join us for the Mutt Mosey in person on June 9th in Port Barrington? Register here:



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