Olivia is Thriving in Our Sanctuary Program


One of our most favorite ways to give back to our supporters is to show you just how much your donations mean to our Sanctuary Program. Young at Heart believes that Love Has No Age Limit™, and just because a dog or cat has some complex medical issues, doesn't mean that they can't enjoy the twilight of their lives. Young at Heart's Sanctuary Program allows senior pets with end-of-life medical issues to enjoy the love of a family at the end of their life, while Young at Heart pays for all the medical expenses for the Sanctuary Pet.

Olivia is a dog that is all about second chances. When we first met Olivia, she was looking at us through the bars of Chicago Animal Care and Control, wagging her whole bottom in the hopes that we would get her out of there. Her greying face and big brown eyes stole our hearts. Soon after coming to Young at Heart, it was obvious that Olivia had some sort of medical issue that caused her to drink excessively. And that drinking excessively led to peeing excessively. Something was wrong. Every test under the sun was run - bloodwork, ultrasounds, xrays, and more bloodwork - and after an initial misdiagnosis and some more testing, her drinking was finally ruled behavioral. Olivia was placed on medication and her water intake was monitored, and soon found a home. We had hoped it was Happily Ever After.

However, Olivia had other thoughts on the situation. She soon became anxious and incredibly reactive to other dogs in her new home, and was soon returned to Young at Heart. To get to the bottom of the new behavior, Olivia went for an extensive stay with our favorite in-home dog trainer, Kirk, and within 48 hours of being in his home, she was once again relaxed, happy, and hanging out with the other dogs in his house like a good girl. And that's where Tracy came in to become the Happily Ever After of Olivia's story.

Tracy is one of our beloved Sanctuary Moms, and she opened her heart and her home to Olivia. She accepting Olivia into her home, knowing her water intake would have to be monitored for life, and having two small dogs at home. With Tracy's patience and guidance, Olivia absolutely blossomed. Tracy was the human that Olivia needed for her Happily Ever After! Today, Olivia is a happy girl who loves snuggling on your lap, enjoying her meals, and hanging out with her dog-sister, Cady. She's always excited for trips to the store or walks in the neighborhood.

Tracy says, "Being a sanctuary home, for me, is an honor. It's very a special feeling to care for a special needs dog who might not have a chance elsewhere to live out full and enriched lives. I'm very thankful for young at heart and their sanctuary program".

Thanks to you, our donors, who make our Sanctuary Program financially possible. These dogs and cats receive all the medical support, love, and attention they need to enjoy the rest of their lives, cared for by their wonderful Sanctuary Homes, and financially supported by Young At Heart.

From Olivia and all the senior pets at Young at Heart, thank you for believing that senior pets deserve a second chance! 

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