Opie Joins Our Sanctuary Program


How about a little bit of happiness for the weekend? Young at Heart is currently caring for over FIFTY senior dogs and cats right now, and that is thanks to YOU! We are caring for more long term special needs seniors than ever before in our history, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to do so. We are able to do this because of our wonderful supporters who believe that senior pets deserve a happily ever after! And this week, we added one more permanent resident to Young at Heart - OPIE!

Opie came to Young at Heart earlier this year, after he was found wandering around a college campus after all the kids had gone home for the summer. A good samaritan took him to a local shelter, and when no one came to claim him, the shelter reached out to Young at Heart to see if we could help. At 10+ years old, they had no luck in finding Opie rescue, and they were out of space. We were so lucky that amazing foster parents, Mike and Sandy, offered to double up with a second foster dog in their home so that Opie could be rescued!

Opie instantly charmed everyone. His endearing little personality and his big adorable ears were enough to win you over, but when we learned at his first vet visit that he was also suffering from a fractured pelvis and was in renal failure, our hearts just melted. The vet felt that he had most likely been clipped by a car while he was wandering, but the fracture was healing. So, we went to work on stabilizing his kidneys. Despite Opie being a dramatic little dude about any sort of vet care, Mike and Sandy learned to give Opie the fluids he needs to help his kidneys function and keep him healthy. And for now, his kidneys are stable. But the fluids make him have to pee a LOT, and so like the parents of a newborn, Mike or Sandy get up in the middle of every night to let Opie outside to pee, and their schedule allows for him to go potty as often as he needs.

Opie has met many people interested in perhaps adopting him, but his needs are pretty intense these days, and it will take a very special person or people to accept all that Opie is and that Opie needs. And so, you know where this story is going... Opie already has those special people in his life! And so it is with much happiness that we welcome Opie to Young at Heart's Sanctuary Program, and once again thank Sandy and Mike for becoming Sanctuary Parents (they are Sanctuary Parents to our sanctuary kitty, Jessie, too)! Opie will remain with Mike and Sandy for the rest of his life, while Young at Heart pays for all of Opie's medical care and other expenses. And if you're lucky, you'll still get a smooch from Opie at a Young at Heart event!

Thank you, Mike and Sandy, and thank you to everyone who makes happily ever afters for special needs seniors like Opie possible. We couldn't give these sweet old souls second chances to live the Good Life without you!


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