Our 2019 Matching Gift Challenge!


One of the greatest gifts we are ever given is the unconditional love of the animals that grace our lives. Those of us lucky enough to know just how much senior pets need us also know how much we need them, and how much we cherish the last days, months, and years we are blessed with their presence.

Many of us love animals beyond just dogs and cats. I love all animals, and I was blessed to know the love and companionship of a beautiful senior horse named Toby.

A lifelong horse lover, Toby became my first horse when I was in college, and I've spent the last 23+ years with him in my life. He saw me through college, boyfriends, jobs, moves, marriage, kids, and the founding and expansion of Young at Heart. He was always there, always my respite from the world, always my confidant and friend, always my favorite escape from the stress of the day to day. On May 5th, I lost my beloved Toby at the age of 29 years old to kidney failure, and lost a big chunk of my heart. But even on his last day, despite feeling yucky, he leaned his giant head against me, making sure that I was okay, letting me know he understood - even when I didn't. That is the beauty of the unconditional love we are blessed with by the animals in our lives. And we are so lucky to know such love. I was so honored to have Toby's love for so many years, and to make sure he was surrounded by nothing but love as he left this world. Every pet deserves that.

A dear friend of mine and of Young at Heart, an Angel who wishes to remain anonymous, would like to honor Toby's memory with a $5000 matching gift to Young at Heart, as she knows that this organization is also near and dear to my heart. I'm so grateful for such an amazing gesture, and for all the beautiful senior souls this gift will help us rescue, and assure that they too will spend their golden years being loved and cared for.

If you would be so kind to make a Mutt Mosey gift in honor of or in memory of a beloved pet or pets that gave you unconditional love in your life, our Angel donor will match it in memory of my beloved Toby.

Please make a gift at the link below, or you may make a donation via Facebook and it will count it as an "offline" donation for the matching challenge.

Thank you so much for your kindness, and for loving your senior pets when they need you most.

Love and many thanks,

Dawn Kemper
Founder and Director
Young at Heart

Mutt Mosey donation link: https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/mimosamuttmosey

Dawn and Toby

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