Our Amazing Sanctuary Families


Sanctuary. It’s a powerful word. It means a place of safety or refuge. Our Sanctuary program is designed to provide a loving home to rescued senior pets that are diagnosed with complex or terminal medical conditions after arriving to Young at Heart. Some places call it a hospice or fospice program; here it is Sanctuary.

Our little May had been adopted, but was returned for having too many accidents in the house. Upon return, she was acting a bit oddly, so we took her to the vet for a full work up. Sweet little May was diagnosed with an inoperable kidney tumor. She’s feeling good right now, but will need daily medication, subcutaneous fluids, lots of little meals, and close monitoring of her kidney values to stay that way for as long as possible. Enter one of our amazing sanctuary families!

Mary and her husband Russ are a repeat Sanctuary family, aka Amazing People. Mary swooped in to take May home, wanting to give May all the love, comfort, and care she needs in the twilight of her life. Mary and Russ provide the loving home while Young at Heart covers all of May’s medical expenses. It’s win-win for sweet May, who will spend the rest of her life with a family that loves her.Keeping senior pets with special needs healthy and comfortable takes a ton of veterinary care. This past week, our Sanctuary pets have collectively seen two cardiologists, had acupuncture, hydrotherapy, a TECA procedure for an ear tumor, and two specialty hospitalizations. Just this week alone, the Sanctuary program ran a veterinary tab of over $18,000!Right now we have a donor matching all donations dollar for dollar! So your $5 becomes $10, $15 becomes $30, $50 becomes $100, etc. Please consider a $5 donation today to help us keep our Sanctuary seniors like May comfortable and happy in their golden years. From May and all the senior pets of Young at Heart, thank you! ❤️🐾

May the Sanctuary Dog

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