Our Last Adoption of 2019!


Our hearts are so full because our last adoption of the year also happens to be our oldest adoptable senior! Our sweet 17 year old Priscilla has found a wonderful home with her new dad, Fred!

Priscilla ended up homeless after her mom died, but she was lucky in that her mom had worked for an animal shelter. The shelter kept Priscilla safe, and asked if Young at Heart could help care for her until a forever home was found. We were happy to take Priscilla in, and this big sweet girl immediately got a full geriatric work up. She seemed hesitant to walk around too much, and limped a bit in the front. X-rays showed she had arthritis of the spine, and an old elbow injury to boot. But her bloodwork was great, so we were able to start her on medication and joint supplements for her arthritis. Soon this sweet old girl was feeling pretty comfortable and started coming out to explore, climbing her stairs to sit in the window, and then climbing on desks to sit on our keyboards so we could pet her instead! We all fell in love with this beautiful girl, and hoped there was someone out there who would love her as much as we do.

So we are so happy to share the news that Priscilla has found a wonderful home with her new dad, Fred, who is willing to love and care for Priscilla in her golden years like she deserves. Priscilla will have the loving, quiet home she craves. We are so incredibly happy for for Priscilla and her new dad! What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year!

Thank you to each and every one of you who supports Young at Heart in some way that makes these happily ever afters for senior pets like Priscilla possible! ❤️🐾

PS - if you love old pets getting second chances, please visit this link to donate!

Priscilla the Cat Adopted

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