Our First Rescue of 2019!


Rescued and Loved: From being on the euthanasia list at a shelter down-state, to the peaceful sleep that only a dog who now feels safe and loved knows, we are so happy to welcome Lucky Penny as our first rescue of 2019! This sweet senior arrived to her foster home just hours ago, and we are still getting to know her, but one thing is certain, she is just about as sweet as they come!

The shelter did let us know that Lucky Penny is heartworm positive, but we’ll know more as soon as she sees our vet for a full senior work-up. Whatever the case, Lucky Penny will get all the care she needs to make sure she is as happy and healthy as possible in the new year! Stay tuned for updates.

Welcome Lucky Penny! We are so glad you are here! ❤️

Lucky Penny

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