Our Newest Rescue


Meet Joy, a very sweet and wiggly new arrival to Young at Heart. Joy is a beautiful old soul who has had multiple medical needs neglected for some time. She arrived with a mouthful of rotten teeth, her gums painfully infected. She had multiple mammary masses and needed to be spayed. And she had what everyone thought was a urinary tract infection. 

The vet removed all of the painful teeth that they were able to, and put her on some whopping antibiotics to help the infection. But further diagnostics showed that her constant need to squat and pee was not a urinary tract infection, nor bladder stones (which was our next hope). Instead, tests showed a thickening of her bladder wall, which could be indicative of bladder cancer. So while she was under for her spay, her bladder was biopsied as well. Now, we wait for results. 

Joy is recovering well and is already enjoying meals without having to eat around rotten painful teeth. Her foster mom is incredible, wanting to see this sweet baby through whatever she needs, even if it turns out to be hospice care through our Sanctuary program for hospice cases. And we are able to give sweet little Joy all the care she needs, thanks to YOU. 

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