Our Special Needs Senior Pets


‘Twas the night before Christmas, yet all the year through
is joyful for us "special needs" senior pets at Young at Heart rescue.

With purrs from the kitties, and tail wags from dogs big and small,
We know that we already have the best gift of all!

Whomever said "there is no place like home" knew
That senior pets with medical needs like us needed homes, too.
And now our golden years will be filled with lots of loving care
because Young at Heart has promised to be there!

We will spend our days playing, being loved and well fed,
Romping in the snow or snuggling with family or lounging in bed.
Our fates were almost sealed but an angel came through;
We heard that we're here at Young at Heart thanks to YOU!

Our bedtime stories are full of wonderful friends,
Who find loving homes for senior pets or provide care til the end.
To save senior pets like us from a very sad fate,
Many will adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate!

We are here today because of the people who care
About old cats and dogs once alone and so scared.
Our happiest holiday will be the one this year,
Because we are loved and safe; thanks to YOU, we are here!

Happy Holidays! Woof! Meow!

With Love,
Mike the Cat (age 11) and Opie (age 10+ - picture in comments)
Permanent Sanctuary Residents of Young at Heart

From all of us at Young at Heart,
Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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Young at Heart is a 501c3 not for profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Tax ID 20-2476194.

Thank you for believing that senior pets deserve a happily ever after!

Gray Cat

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