Peaches & Pebbles


12 years ago, this sweet little girl started it all. This was Peaches, rescued from CACC. In 2005, Young at Heart's brand new website was up less than 24 hours when we got the call that two senior labs needed help. We weren't ready yet. We didn't have any funds, any foster homes, or even a checking account set up yet for that matter, but mere hours after our first website went live, we got our first call for help. It would be the first of thousands.

We were supposed to rescue both Peaches and her sister, Pebbles, but when we arrived at the shelter, we were devastated to learn that Pebbles was euthanized that very morning because she started sneezing. There had been a miscommunication within the shelter, and despite the fact that both dogs had a "rescue pending" status, Pebbles lost her life. Beyond heartbroken, we slipped that leash over Peaches' head, and despite the fact that she didn't know us at all, she joyously dragged us out the doors to her new life and ours. Peaches was the first senior pet we rescued, and as we burst into the fresh air outside animal control, she wagged her body furiously with glee. She taught us the biggest lesson of all - look toward the future, and do it with optimism and a wagging tail! Peaches went on to live many glorious years with her moms and her four-legged brother. Though she passed away a few years ago, she will forever be a part of Young at Heart, the first sweet senior girl that started it all.

Twelve years later, you have helped us save more than 100 senior pets each year with an average age of over 11 years old! As we head into the exciting new chapter of our history - opening a desperately needed adoption center and sanctuary for senior pets in Woodstock IL - we need your support more than ever. With your help, we will soon be able to provide second chances for 4x the number of senior pets each year! That will mean a LOT more vet bills, a LOT more food, and a LOT more expenses. We can't do it without you. Senior pets need your help! Please donate to our Mutt Mosey fundraiser walk because senior pets like Peaches need us to be able to rescue them!


Thank you for being on this incredible journey with us and for believing that senior pets deserve a happily ever after!

Peaches & Pebbles

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