Please watch this year's Fund A Need video.


This video debuted at our Silver Paws gala this past Saturday. Please take a moment to turn on your sound, sit back, and enjoy the happily ever afters that your support makes possible. Then, please share. A special thank you to Erik Porter for producing this wonderful video for Young at Heart. Enjoy!

On the evening of October 15th, 2016 Young at Heart's Silver Paws gala was filled to the brim with pet lovers who wanted to make a difference for homeless senior pets. They all had one thing in common:

They were all Heroes.

Right now, stray and abandoned senior pets are sitting in cages, their time running out. These older dogs and cats sit quietly, peering through metal bars, hoping that someone will open the cage door and take them home. Keep them safe. Love them again.

This past Saturday, over 300 Heroes helped open the cage doors for more senior pets in need by giving to Young at Heart's 5th Annual Fund A Need: Medical Care for Rescued Senior Pets

We know not everyone could make it to our event, but everyone can be a Hero.

Please watch this year's Fund A Need video. Then click to be a Hero, too. Your Fund a Need gift will allow Young at Heart to open more cage doors for senior pets that find themselves homeless.

Senior pets that find themselves homeless are holding out for a hero. You.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to this year's Fund a Need campaign: Medical Care for Homeless Senior Pets:

Or mail your Fund a Need donation to: Young at Heart, PO Box 1293, Palatine IL 60078.

Thank you to all of the heroes of Young at Heart that make giving homeless senior pets a second chance possible.

Fund a Need Video

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